Accessibility of Free Website Creators


Hi everyone. I hope this isn't off-topic for some of the lists I'm sending this to. I wanted to send it wherever there might be someone who could help me. I'm creating some groups for people with multiple disabilities (see survey link in my signature), and I want to create a website where I'll list links to the group on different platforms and maybe other things like news about the groups or my contact information. I'm on a fixed income, so I don't have the money to pay for the website. In case it helps, I have some experience writing HTML and can look up whatever I don't know. I can write CSS as well if I have sighted help. Does anyone know of a free website creator that's accessible with NVDA? Thanks.

Lanie Molinar
Disability Rights Advocate and Software Engineering Student at Brigham Young University-Idaho (
Phone: 832-284-2426
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