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Yes, that's why!
Each extension installed should have its own "button sub menu"
appeared after pressing the alt button, followed by the left arrow.

On 6/27/19, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
It may be because I don't have any extensions installed that nothing appears
to happen when I do that. I had expected it to open the entire extensions
part of Chrome.

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Its a bit tricky.
1st, You need to have some or at least one extension added to the browser.
After pressing the alt button, that brings up the "chrome menu, button
sub menu",
Use the left arrow, that should get you to the right place.
That worked for me even with windows7.

On 6/27/19, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
There appears to be a problem with your Chrome instructions, at least for
some users. On my Windows 7 system, they don't work as to how to get to
right place. If I press alt, I'm not sure what happens but nothing
appears to happen and arrowing appears to do nothing or nothing

To open the Chrome menu, I use alt f. That is, I press and hold alt and
type f. That opens the Chrome menu. I then up arrow, its closer, to
tools and press enter. that opens a submenu and I find and press
in that submenu. That appears to open the part of the program where you
work with the extension or add-on, technically I'm not sure what it is.

As is very often the case, there is likely another or perhaps more than
other way to get to that place. Your instructions may work for some
but since they don't work on my system, what I'm describing will probably
get people to the right place.

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It's fairly straightforward, at least if you're using Chrome,
I'll proceed upon that presumption which you can correct if it's wrong.
info will be useful for others in any case.

1.. Hit ALT to throw focus to the Chrome menu button.
2.. Hit Right Arrow the number of times necessary, based on what
extensions you may have installed, to land on the uBlock Origin button.
3.. Hit Enter to open the uBlock Origin dropdown.
4.. Hit TAB once to get to the button you're looking for. Listen to
NVDA says, because you can turn of uBlock origin for the site as a whole
just the specific page you're currently on.


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