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And, this topic is off topic. thanks for everyone participating. Furthermore, and I will write another message on this soon... if you are a long-time member, and you persist in writing off-topic messages unrelated to NVDA, the next message you hear from me is a week-long posting ban. The second time it happens, posting privileges will be revoked for one month, and the final time will be a perminent revokation of posting privileges.

we have over 1000 members on this list, we need to do our best to stick to the topic at hand, which is NVDA.


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            Well, that's not the context that exists relative to the question asked.   I answered a question about how to access uBlock Origin to turn if off for a site or page, which means you need to be on the site/page for which you are attempting to turn it off.  I was focusing on that question as one about "how to access" rather than "how to use" as well.

            The instructions are context specific, not generic.  But ALT will throw focus to the Chrome menu button if you are on any webpage with focus.  If you're in the omnibar then you're in text-entry mode, where ALT does nothing in context.

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