Re: nvda gets stuck on something called landscape

Luke Davis


What is a "hard restart"? To me, that's holding the power button for five seconds to force a shutdown, which is not a good thing to ever do if you can avoid it. Since there are probably ways to avoid it here, I wanted to find out if that is actually what you're doing.

As for what's happening: it's the tablet mode thing, as other answers have explained.
It isn't an NVDA problem, it is a Windows one.

Either you're on a laptop (such as One of those ridiculous HP Stream X360 models) that switch to tablet mode when you bend the screen back far enough, in which case the keyboard is disabled and tablet mode is activated, or something you're doing is turning on tablet mode manually.

In any case, a google search for: '"get out of tablet mode" windows 10', gives this as its sixth result:
and this as its second result:

One of those will almost certainly help you, and if not, there are other results in that search.


On Thu, 27 Jun 2019, marvin kotler wrote:

Good afternoon listers; first, running latest version of nvda and windows 1903.  When something called landscape comes up, nvda gets stuck on the taskbar
and will go nowhere else.  I have to do a hard restart of the computer when this happens.  My question is what is landscape; can I get rid of this for
something else more friendly? Thanks in advance.

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