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Hi Luke! Yes, it worked! NVDA+ control + S Then a couple arrow ups brought me to Espeak. And if I wanted to change back to vocalizer same thing but arrow down a couple. Quite handy. Thanks! The world needs more Luke’s. a

On Jun 27, 2019, at 5:38 PM, Luke Davis <> wrote:

Hi, supposedly less-good-looking other Luke.

I know little and less about using vocalizer voices with NVDA, but I am reasonably sure that you can always switch back to eSpeak.

It is possible to save configurations from within portable versions, so there is no need to generate a new portable copy just to change configurations, even synthesizer configurations.

Launch your existing portable version, press NVDA+ctrl+s to open the synth settings dialog, press the up arrow a few times until you hear "eSpeak NG", and press enter.
If it works to switch you to eSpeak, as it should, and you like the result, press NVDA+ctrl+c to save the current configuration.

Now, if Vocalizer does something to munge up this process, everything I just said may be wrong, but I'm not sure why it would.

In any case, it's worth a try. At worst you'll be left with no speech, and will have to restart with ctrl+alt+n, or whatever it is that you do to start NVDA.

Well okay, at worstist, if you do end up with no speech, and the "save configuration on exit" setting (or the "Make sure all your mistakes are permanent ones" setting, as I call it) under general is set, you may end up breaking your portable copy. So maybe it's best to make sure that setting isn't set first (NVDA+ctrl+g).

Luke (a proud eSpeak British English Max user since 2008)

On Thu, 27 Jun 2019, Luke wrote:

Also, I know Espeek is more responsive and to put Espeek with my current saved settings and add ons on a portable version I would have to disable my current vocalizer voice first right? Last but not least I noticed there is another Luke on here so please don’t get confused as he is probably smarter, more informative and better looking than me LOL.

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