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Dean Masters <dwmasters15@...>

Have you tried the spreadsheet? Were you able to use it?


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From: nasrin khaksar
Sent: Monday, July 11, 2016 4:41 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] OpenOffice or LibreOffice

they both have the property that you can report your bugs and issues.
for example: you can report your bug about using libreoffice in this
site after registration.
i prefer libreoffice for many reasons, like:
support for different languages in its menu,
(i mean its user interface)
support all formats of microsoft office and many programs,
more features in comparission to openoffice, and the most important,
its group which are very friendly, kind, honest and intimate.

On 7/11/16, Kenny Peyattt jr. <> wrote:
Do they have a bug tracker you can post issues in so they can get that
fixed? That was the same issue I was having with libreoffice. But I couldant
find anywhere on the website to post issues.
Kenny Peyatt jr.

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I have tried Libre office both with NVDA and jaws. In both cases it's
got a nasty habit at least on my machines of loosing focus, a lot,
like coming out of menus, saving documents, it's quite frustrating.
I've since uninstalled it.


On 7/10/16, Rosemarie Chavarria <> wrote:
Hi, Dean,

I tried libre office but didn't really care for it too much. I think open
office works better.


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I read the article but does that mean Libera Office will be more

I tried it earlier this year and found I could not use the spreadsheet at
all with another screen reader. so I went back to Open Office.


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From: Quentin Christensen
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I looked into this last year. How to Geek has a good comparison

Basically LibreOffice has been more frequently updated and has a slightly
more "classic" (Say Microsoft Office pre the ribbon) look and Open Office
has a few more side bar options.

In terms of accessibility I'm not sure which is ahead though being
more often, if you encounter a problem, it might be easier to get it
addressed in LIbreOffice.

Note that there is also Open365, an online office suite based on

Essentially it looks similar to LibreOffice but runs in a browser. As
can probably guess..... steer clear of that one ;) I tried it a month or
ago and while I could get around the system tray component, the actual
word processor was unusable. Even aside from accessibility issues (which
were enough to nix it on their own - it was sooo slow! I couldn't put up
with it on that basis alone
either. I'm on ADSL 2 and while I wouldn't boast it to be the best
connection in the world, it's not THAT bad that it should have made that
much difference.

Kind regards


22 Point


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On 11 July 2016 at 04:55, mk360 <> wrote:

I know that it was asked before, but versions are updated regularly
and well, now I'm searching for the option... apparently LO is the
best, but I don't know...

So, any info will be apreciated... note that I can install LO and OO
simultanously, so if you can say what is the best for what option...



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