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Hi Brian,

The suggest use of “CTRL-Enter” opened the combo box but did not allow me to move down the list.




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On Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 07:54 AM, Pascal Lambert wrote:

Wells Fargo had an issue a month ago with scheduling payment and they fixed it.  The fix might be the cause for those of us who use a screen reader.  I am talking to them about it and I just want to make sure it is not an NVDA issue.

Pascal, do you use (even as a secondary) any other screen reader?   If so, try accessing the same controls with it.  This is one way that one can come to a reasonably fast conclusion as to whether an issue is screen reader related versus something else (web coding, in this case).  If the behavior is the same, blame the web coding, if it's different, suspect the screen reader.

It could always be an NVDA issue but given the timeline you've described my guess is that it probably won't be.

And, by the way, changes in accessibility when using NVDA, since they have the potential to be caused by NVDA, are definitely questions related to the use of NVDA.  If it's determined NVDA is not where the fault lies, only after that would the topic not be related to NVDA.  And reporting back that one has determined where the fault lies is perfectly OK, too.  This is what users need to know.

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