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Pascal Lambert <coccinelle86@...>

Thank you for your lack of kindness.  You could convey your message in a nicer way and it won’t hurt you!  Rudeness will scare people who might need the assistance from reaching out!



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This has "NOTHING!" to do with NVDA!

    Please stop cluttering up the list with non-NVDA related issues!

    Please take this one to the chat list or some other browser related list!




On 6/28/2019 4:54 AM, Pascal Lambert wrote:

Hi all,

First, anyone using Wells Fargo that is encountering the same problem that is opening combo boxes or list to choose from such in the “from account” and the “to account” to make payment?

It is only recently that I started encountering the problem.  Wells Fargo had an issue a month ago with scheduling payment and they fixed it.  The fix might be the cause for those of us who use a screen reader.  I am talking to them about it and I just want to make sure it is not an NVDA issue.  Please help.

Many thanks



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