Re: NVDA crash.

Tyler Spivey

Simple. The word you' re' ll (without the spaces) further down the chapter crashes Eloquence.

Congrats, you found one I didn't know about.

On 6/29/2019 3:54 AM, Chantelle Buys wrote:
Afternoon everyone.
I've just come across a problem and after testing it on google chrome
and internet explorer I think that it may be NVDA.
I'm trying to read a chapter of a story but, halfway down NVDA would
restart. I don't know if it's because of the amount of text or what
but, I've never had this problem before.
The restarts happens when it gets to the line. "Things were taking a
dangerous turn.
Biggs picked up a branch that was tangled in the long-dried weeds that
Winston had eradicated."
Here's the link to the chapter
Can someone test it and see if their NVDA does this as well?

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