Re: Problem With Microsoft Insiders Page For Downloading and Testing The New Edge Browser


Post 3 explained how to do it, but I want to say it again for anybody who refuses to, or does not know how to, look at threads on the website. I'm not following this thread, so it's very possible I'm adding to a repeating chain as we speak, but anyway, here we go!

  1. After hitting enter on the download button, there is a pop out module, thing, that dims the screen a bit. For screen reader users, it has a giant heading that says terms and agreement.
  2. Once focus is on that heading, enter focus mode and then hit tab. Sure, you can do this without focus mode, but whatever.
  3. Hit enter on the link that says, agree and download.

I spent five minutes looking for a checkbox, a button, something other than a link.

If it helps, sighted people think the page is broken too. For sighties, I'm told, it appears in a very tiny square window at the bottom right of the screen.

I'm waiting on the beta. All the same, I'm extremely excited for the release of this new Edge. I can't wait to replace this Edge with the new stable Edge.

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