Re: Problem With Microsoft Insiders Page For Downloading and Testing The New Edge Browser


I just looked at what happens when you activate the button.  a license agreement is presented at the bottom of the page, as shown by a screen-reader.  To a sighted person, the agreement might be along the right of the page, I don't know.  To a blind user, the accept and download link is the last thing on the page, below the lisence agreement. 
I asked about NVDA speaking new content after an action is taken such as activating a button.  But this page illustrates the difficulty in implementing such a feature.  You probably wouldn't want the license agreement read, just the accept and agree button or maybe a senteence of the license agreement and then the button, to alert the reader that both are now present.  But that sort of detailed response might not be practical. 
So how, if at all, should a screen-reader react under such circumstances?
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I'll look at the page but my question before looking is whether the I agree button is there before you activate the button.  Whether it is or not, the thread brings up a screen-reader question.  Could NVDA be made to know when the screen changes in response to an action?  For example, now and then, something will come up or change on a web page when a user activates a button that the user doesn't expect or know about.  It wouldn't be a good idea to have screen-readers automatically read every change that occurs on screen.  But in specific instances, it would be important.
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There is an agree etc that opens up below the dl section. If you use your button nav you should be able to find it. After that, go back up to the dl section after excepting the license agreement.

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On 29 Jun 2019, at 17:22, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hi Group,

To reproduce this issue:
1.  Visit
2.  Navigate to the Dev (development version) the best stable version.
3.  There is a button associated with the download of this browser for Windows 10.
4.  Try activating it.
5.  The result is that whether you press enter, space bar or route review to the button and left click, nothing happens.

I would be interested to see if anyone else experiences the same issue.

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