locked Re: Reading past the visible screen on a CMD Window?

Tony Malykh

I haven't worked with npm, but it sounds like npm might be printing errors to stderr instead of stdout. Try:

npm start > filename.txt 2>&1

On 7/1/2019 10:12 AM, Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:
I don't think npm errors can be written to a file, as they happen after the application has been started. If I try:

npm start > filename.txt

only the first line of NPM output is sent to the console. Then half a second later, the error comes and my console is all taken up with the error.

Is there a way to view what NVDA has said in the last few minutes? That would also help. I think NVDA reads the output, at least the top, which is the important part.

On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 12:18 PM Cohn, Jonathan <jcohn@...> wrote:
If you can find the scroll bar, you can probably scroll up a page and use the review cursor to examine the page. That being said, it is more efficient to work directly with either less or an editor and a log file.

The less command will allow you to use slash or question mark to search forward and backward through the file, and puts the result on the top line of the terminal window.

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I don't know how to do this, but can't you pipe your compiler output through less?

npm --whatever 2>&1 | less


On Tue, 4 Jun 2019, Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:

> Hello,Does anyone know how to read past the visible screen or scroll
> windows CMD windows either using NVDA key commands, an addon, or some command in Windows?
> Normally I select all by going to the system menu and copy the whole buffer to the clipboard.
> I am currently using an SSH session in the Ubuntu emulator by Windows,
> and the system menu is not there. I'm doing NodeJS development over SSH and I really need to scroll past the visible window to read the start of the error.

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