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Hi again

When you alt/tab does it say the name of the app that is in focus? if you have a few windows open if i do that it will say the name then i can use the alt key + f4 key to close each window then shut down the computer.

Down on your running application down on the task bar does it say what each one is like internet explorer etc or does it just say unknown?

Along with unknown or pane in all of your browsers or is it speaking in the web pages?

Depending what is mentioned is wheather you need to run the Run COM Registration Fixing tool... tool found under the tools menu. But do not think you have to go there.

Gene nz

On 2/07/2019 2:16 PM, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:
Please I want to know if the NVDA screen reader can be repaired.  The
screen reader has been behaving abnormally for some time now.
It crashes unexpectedly, and some times does not make programs work.
When I am working on a website, the screen reader just stops talking,
creating problems for me, trying to figure out what might have gone
wrong.  When I try to find out what the problem is by pressing alt+tab
to switch programs, all I hear is unknown or icon icon.
Now when I get frustrated and I want to shut down the computer, I am
made to understand that a number of programs are not allowing windows
to shut down.
Are there any solutions to these problems?
I use windows 7 32 bit, and I have the latest version of NVDA.
Hope my problem is well understood.
Hope to read a response.

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