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Hi Helga

Is the upgrade of Windows from a usb stick or a upgrade from the pc?

There is a program that you can use for a clean install but you must have your serail number this can be found at

It is called Windows PE and on that page is a link to the website of where you can get it from. I have not used it but others have.

The second question is under the keyboard settings on your pc there are 3 check boxs one for the insert key one for the extended insert key and the last for the capslock key. Check the last one and you should be able to use the capslock key. If you need to use the capslock key like normal you have to hit it 2 times until you hear it go on and 2 times to make it go off.

On my pc here i have all 3 checked and i can use any combo of them, but then again I have all 3 keys.

Your computer might also have a extended insert key or a insert key there some where it might be a good idea for some one to have a look just in case there is.

Gene nz

On 12/07/2016 11:52 AM, Helga Schreiber wrote:
Hi all! How are you all? I just wanted to ask you,is it possible to install windows 10 with a portable copy of NVDA? I have the portable copy on my USV drive or thunmb drive.  If so, waht are  the steps in doing so? I'm jus wondering since I want to do this in a laptop  computer that does not  have an  screen reader on it and it does not have   the  nonpad number keys. And I have another question, I want to use the  NVDA key, which is  the  insert key, but since  this  computer does not have a nonpad where I can use it, how  can I make the caps lock key to act as the NVDA key or insert key? I look forward in hering from you soon with any suggestions! regarding this matter. Thanks so much and God bless! regarding this matter!

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