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I would try VScode on windows.

You will have to install the python addons to make it work but this process is well documented if you use google.


On 7/2/19 7:15 AM, David wrote:
OK, i know this might not be the best place to ask, but hoped someone
would have enough knowledge to give me some kind of a clue.

I am trying to learn some Python programming. My version is 2.7.13.

Python does come with some kind of an editor, which they name Idle. I
try to open some python code file in Idle, but neither NVDA, nor Jaws or
Window-Eyes seem to be able to read much from the screen. And if I hit
the hotkey for run, the code will be virtually run in Python shell.
Trouble is, that not even here, I am able to have any of the screen
readers give me much for info on what results my code generates.

Question to you guys:

What editor, and which test environment, does a blind user use? Must be
a way of working with python, I should say. Smiles.

Before anyone jumps in here, let me stress the point, I am not trying to
generate any NVDA code. My learning Python at this point, is of far more
general character. I want to simply learn the programming language,
writing small applications or routines - for daily computing. And yes, I
am an experienced programmer, coming from several other programming
languages, and with close to 4 decades of runtime.

Again, what I want to know, is which software or environment blind users
benefits from. If you happen to have any feedback - or even some sources
like links on the net - I would be glad to benefit from such as well.

Or, is it that simple, I need to perform some setting to have the
standard Python environment cooperate with my screen readers? Either a
setting in the Python system, or maybe in the screen reader itself.

quick note at last: I have tried to maximize both the Idle, and the
Python Shell windows. Still gave no results, that we would name

Thanks to all who have inputs here; and sorry to the rest of you, for
cluttering the list.

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