struggling to use a UK Civil service test

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

I have applied for a job in the UK Civil Service and I have until 10th July to complete a short Situational Judgement Test. There is a website to practice the types of things that the test will cover, so I thought I'd try it out before I take the actual test ... and I'm glad I did. I find its selection controls very hard to use with NVDA.

This is the website, and if the link gets curtailed by the NVDA group system, just search for Civil Service Situational Judgement Test.

There are a few presses of the Next button before the first set of questions starts, but when you get there the first set are how the applicant behaves in the work environment.  The first time I went through this first test I found it possible to select the answers I wanted, but now I'm struggling. It seems like once I've selected one response I can'access another question nor the Next button to proceed.

Then, when I did get through that first set of questions, the second was also difficult to navigate. In the second set it gives you four questions to answer relating to a specific situation. The applicant needs to choose how an action would be, from contradictory to effective.

Once I'd selected a response to one question I didn't seem to be able to continue to the next one. The response buttons are not identified by NVDA as buttons or radio buttons, but rather are spoken as "dialogue".

I tried using object navigation rather than tabbing through the controls, but using object navigation I lose the prompts as to what the value I'm selecting is.

It'll probably take 10 minutes to have a play around with this, but if anyone has the time I'd love to hear what you think of the assessment test and if you find a way to complete it.

annoyingly the Civil Service Recruitment site doesn't have a contact email or phone number relating to the vacancy or to the "reasonable adjustments" I requested when I applied for the job.

Thanks in advance,


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