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Monte Single

When you set up adobe for the first time,  it will ask a few qs  like do you want to do the document 1 page at a time, whole document etc..

After that it won’t nag you.


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Be I don’t have adobe reader.  I’ll probably have to go get it.


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Hi Arlene,


Try using Adobe reader. I know at one point, Edge was quite good with PDF files, although maybe some work better than others.




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Hi list: Arlene here.  How does one read PDF files using edge?  I tried to read a vollenteer application form.when I opened the attachment it went to edge.  When I tried to read the application All I got was blank blank. I know there are words there.  It said pages one of two and all I hear is blank.  I end up on Microsoft edge. How do I read this file.  I want to submit my answers that I had gone over with a job coach. Thanks.I hope this was clear.


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