Re: virtual machine software


Personally I’ve always found Boot Camp to be much more stable. Unless there’s a particular reason for flipping between Mac and windows in real time, today’s machines are so fast that it really doesn’t take long to boot up into the other operating system if you need to. In my experience, virtual machines including VMware have always had random issues with drivers under windows in particular.


On Jul 3, 2019, at 7:31 PM, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:

Hi all.

So over on chat, there is a thread about my podcast on virtual machines.

However, I thought I'd ask a little of it.

What software should I be using.

I know vmware is popular but I was thinking about virtualbox, however since I want a user to be able to do things, is virtualbox accessible.

Is there a keyboard list for both virtualbox and vmware to cycle machines, etc.

Should I try others?

Is for example windows hyper v worth it since its inbuilt with windows 10, or am I wasting my time.

Obviously this will be a 1 machine deal, as I am a home user, no paying 200-500 dollars for virtual machine software.

So are there any other bits of software other than vmware I should bother with, and any tips.

I have done this 10 years ago but now I have the hardware virtualisation and the resources and power I want to try again.

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