Admin's Note: Please Read

Nimer Jaber

Hello everyone,

I am stepping away for a few days from the NVDA admin role as I am going to be busy on a business trip and will not have time to keep an eye on list traffic. Joseph has done an incredible job as moderator with all that he has and is doing. I often use him to communicate with all of you as he is able to do this in a more sensitive manner that the list approves of. Having said all of that, I will be gone from the time I send this message to the time that I return late Sunday evening. During my absence, please give your attentions to Joseph, as he is going to take my place. Any decisions that Joseph makes are final unless it is an extreme situation. If you believe that an extreme situation came up that Joseph did not handle well, please send the moderator address an e-mail and I will review and possibly invite you to a cup o' tea upon my return. Joseph deserves all the respect you can give him as the role he is placed in is not an easy one. Please treat him will all of the respect that you have treated me with over the past years of administrating this list.

Thank you for your valuable time and attention, and I look forward to a new era with the new list provider with all of you.

Nimer Jaber

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