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You can actually use any kind of VPN service, be it Private internet access, NordVPN or ExpressVPN and instead of downloading their own applications, you can use the OpenVPN GUI, so you don't have to worry about screen reader incopatibility, it does take a little bit more work to set it up though, but it is fairly easy. Most VPN companies have clear instructions on how to do this.

At 03:44 PM 7/4/2019, you wrote:
Dear all,

My expectation of a VPN are simply to change my location as it appears
to a website. Hope that clarifies. In regards to OpenVPN, I have just
downloaded it and it is currently being installed. I wll report back
in case I have any issues with it. Thank you so much for recommending.


On 7/4/19, David Mehler <> wrote:

How do you have your openvpn setup?


On 7/3/19, Jaffar Sidek <> wrote:

It is open source and very easy to use and is accessible through the
system tray. Use it everyday for my work. Cheers!

On 7/3/2019 11:07 PM, Bhavya shah wrote:
Dear all,

I was looking for VPN software recommendations that are free and
accessible with NVDA. I checked this list's archives perfunctorily and
came across Pearl VPN, whcih appears to be a commercial software.

I would appreciate any inputs and suggestions for the above.

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