Re: Reading PDF Files with NVDA - How to?

Francis Leadley

I understand my own e-mails it's the e-mails on the website I do not
understand and the instrutions in the help file

I am tring to get the NVDA  to work for me.   I am 76 years old and have been sick for
66 years of them  and am loosing my ability  to use my hands and my vision.

Firefox will not read PDF files it will read other things but i can not get it to read PDF that is why i have NVDA but it will not read them.

I also can not get it to read  Acrobat Reader DC files; It sometimes will read one line or a part of a line then stops

I have another program called Atlantis word processor that i use.  it is like Microsoft office and ir will read as i type but will not read doc in it.

I have win 10 up to date
Firefox up to date
Acrobat reader up to date
NVDA  up to date
Atlantis up to date

I have  Multiple Sclerosis and am in need of help.  If you are not able to help me set up NVDA  and my Computer  so it will read to me will you please send me to some one who can.

My vision is Double in both eyes, so i see four of everything i look at  and i have no depth in my vision most of the time

It has taken Me about six hours to type this e-mail. part of it is copy and past.


On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 11:17 AM Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
It's your own e-mail, so if you don't understand it then . . .

Have you run the accessibility wizard in Acrobat Reader DC?    Are you trying to read in Acrobat Reader DC itself?  Are you trying to read the PDF within Firefox using the Reader plug-in?

It's impossible to give advice of any value unless the exact circumstances of where the problem is occurring are accurately described.

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