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What add ins are in firefox?
Also of course have you tried a clean install of Firefox, as if its been updated it can end up a bit of a mess.
I'd currently not reckon you should use 48 beta or any of the 64bit builds of Firefox, all have some quirks. 46 is pretty stable, but 47 is slow on some machines.
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I'm using Firefox and it is set as my default browser.


On 7/11/2016 7:50 AM, erik burggraaf wrote:
I don't remember Roger telling us what browser he's using but I feel I have to agree with Brian here this seems like a browser issue to me I was able to do the donation successfully using Google Chrome and voice over on the Mac and yes the boxes did come up as invalid until I finish typing in them. It would definitely be worth your while trying Firefox if you haven't already if you have tried Firefox and the same thing happens please let us know I think switching browsers is a lot more convenient than having several screen reader is on a machine or soliciting cited assistance useful as that can be sometimes

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On July 11, 2016 6:39:12 AM "Brian's Mail list account" <> wrote:

I can say that using Firefox 46
The form works as it always did.
I just donated 30 aus and OK the invalid input did come up as typing into
the boxes, but I suspect this is an artifact that until you finish it is
indeed wrong.
As usual had several goes at remembering the caps and lower case in the
password, and it eventually accepted it and sent me through when I clicked
the button or link for doing the donation.
My feeling here is that this is a browser issue if you cannot get it to
work, always try another browser. I did mention that the IE current updat is
a bit broken as far as some accessibility is concerned, but its very very
spcific it seems as most of the time its fine.
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