Re: Nvda and Language Esperanto

Brian K. Lingard

                             Dear Ron & List:

Yes, there are Esperanto clubs &^& practice opportunities live in many places of the world and others via Skype, Team Speak and other voice communication Apps.                 


As it always has been, a niche language primarily for persons who enjoy learning additional languages.


It is considered an Auxiliary language, I guess as opposed to one used generally.


Someone even publishes a daily newspaper in Esperanto, possibly some magazines too.


It is like being a Latin scholar if you are Roman Catholic. You can correspond and telephone church officials in the Vatican. They generally appreciate you taking the time & effort to send well written Latin correspondence.


Friend of mine received a reply from the Curia in the Vatican congratulating him on his facility in Latin.


Together with Greek, it is a good thing for medical professionals to know.

Brian K. Lingard



From: [] On Behalf of Ron Canazzi
Sent: Sunday, June 2, 2019 4:46 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Nvda and Language Esperanto


Hi Group,

I am wondering if anyone speaks Esperanto any more.  I know it was a big thing that people in the 1960's tried to create a universal language and they wound up with Esperanto.  I can't think of anyone I ever knew that used it.

On 6/2/2019 10:38 AM, Jarek.Krcmar wrote:

Hi Gene,


It seems to be rather in order.

I write in dictionary a punctuation and then the equivalent in Esperanto.

But there is a problem: How to write the Carriage return? I think, that I must write the words, because for them does not exist a punctuation?


Den 02.06.2019 v 14:13 Gene nasal (a):

I don't know how such things are said in Esperanto.  In the speech dictionary, used to change the pronunciation of whatever you want to change, you can put the punctuation mark in and tell the dictionary how you want it said.  But the problem is that you will then hear punctuation spoken that way in English as well. 


You can get around the problem by having two speech dictionary files and manually putting the one you want to use in NVDA before you switch to the language.  That isn't automatic, but it would achieve what you want. 



Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2019 6:48 AM

Subject: Re: [nvda] Nvda and Language Esperanto


Hi gene, I am afraid, that I don't understand you.

If I have set the language Esperanto, Speak says the whole addresser so:

Uzivatel backlash, appdata backslash, roaming backlash, nvda backlash, voice backlash, speak backslash, dictionary y.

I would like to hear Speak saying in Esperanto.


Den 01.06.2019 v 23:51 Gene nasal (a):

If reading of punctuation isn't done properly, you can use the speech dictionary to manually enter the words you want to hear.  That may be enough information, but if you have questions about using the speech dictionary, ask here. 




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