locked New addon: Developer toolkit coming soon

Andy B.



I am an addon developer who is creating an addon that assists blind/visually impaired developers create appealing user interfaces without the help of sighted people. So far, the addon has been tested in Firefox and Chrome with success, and Windows 10 with limited success. At this time, I am rewriting the addon so it can be a global plugin. This means that it will work anywhere NVDA will work. The addon still has significant progress to make before it is production ready and considered stable. However, it is on the right track. If you want to get involved with Developer toolkit’s progress, feel free to visit the following links.


Repository: http://www.github.com/ajborka/nvda_developer_toolkit

Latest release: https://github.com/ajborka/nvda_developer_toolkit/releases/tag/v0.4.0-beta

Mailing list: http://www.groups.io/g/nvda-developer-toolkit


Thanks for your time and consideration…

Andy Borka


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