Re: Reading epub books with NVDA

john s

Ollie, from another list, I wanted to tell you how to handle zip files. Just navigate to the file, hit your context key and arrow to extract. Or, maybe it says extract all. By default, the files will be put in a directory under your current directory with the zip file name as the name of the directory. Go into that directory and do what you want with the files.

At 07:02 AM 7/6/2019, Mallard, wrote:

Quread is very good, but it isn't free. I had a very negative experience with Balabolka years ago, because the books were not parsed correctly.



Il 06/07/2019 12:03, john s ha scritto:
A program called Balabolka will read them and a paid program, QRead, is good too.

At 04:55 AM 7/6/2019, Andy B., wrote:

Have you tried Edge? It opens epub files, and it works with NVDA for the most part.

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*Subject: *[nvda] Reading epub books with NVDA

Hi folks,
I'm looking for a convenient and easy way to read an epub book with
NVDA. With epub being just html plus metadata and some additional
content wrapped in a zip container, I feel this shouldn't be
complicated. Any helpful pointers would make my day.
I know about Calibre and converting books to docx/pdf/txt. That's not
what I mean. I'd like to be able to open an epub and start reading
without jumping through hoops.
Thanks in advance,


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