Re: virtual machine software

Christian Schoepplein


Am 04.07.2019 um 04:31 schrieb Shaun Everiss:
What software should I be using.
I know vmware is popular but I was thinking about virtualbox, however since I want a user to be able to do things, is virtualbox accessible.
Yes, it is, at least with the latest stable NVDA release. and you also can use the command line to setup and configure virtual machines.

I know VMware Player 14, VMware Workstation 14 and VMware Workstation 15 and the latest VirtualBox release. All can be used with NVDA more or less comftable.

Personaly I'd use VirtualBox, because its free and open source. I need to run linux inside my VMs and therefore I need to use a braille display, but unfortunatly I was not able to connect my Handytech braille display via a virtual usb port to the Linux VM setup with VirtualBox. It was much easier to setup with VMware, thats why use VMware at the moment, but maybe I'll switch in future.

If you do not have that problems with a braille display attaching to the VM, use VirtualBox, othervice use VMware. If you only need to run one VM and have not the need to use more VMs at the same time, you can use the free VMware player. If you need to run more VM at the same time, VMware Workstation is OK, but as said, only if VirtualBox does not work on your system.

Regarding HyperV I only can say, that running linux inside is not possible, at least if you need to output sound. Thats why I not longer tested HyperV. If you like to run VMs with Windows inside, it might also be a good choice.



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