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I love Qread. I bought it years ago, when it was promoted for the first time. I couldn't live without it.



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The only two programs I know of which support most of Epub's features (tables of contents, notes, links, etc.) on Windows are QRead
and Dolphin's Easy Reader

QRead is excellent, fast, stable, can open huge files smoothly on very low-power machines, and is basically an amazing application. The author seems to have more or less abandoned it, but I would respectfully suggest it's worth buying for what it is now.
EasyReader is not as fast or stable, its access to libraries is nice, but it seems to be a package sold to sighted people for blind people to use rather than sold to blind people themselves. I found it unusable generally and gave up on it. Balabolca is really nice but doesn't support, so far as I know, tables of contents at all. I would love to be wrong about this, but it basically makes your epub one long text file. Both Firefox and Edge support opening epubs, though I believe Firefox still needs extensions to do this properly. In any case, I have found that browser support for the files is bad. Navigation is difficult, loading is slow, and some files just don't work. Kurzweil 1000, and I think Openbook, also support Epub, but only as part of their other functions, I wouldn't buy them just for that support. I may say that they're both slower and more unwieldy than QRead for just reading, though obviously they do far more than read. I hope that's of use, and would welcome corrections or additions, it's always good to have many ways of doing things. I am tempted to say that the only really smooth way of reading Epub on Windows is QRead. I wish it weren't so, it's never good to be stuck with one application, particularly when that application has been more or less left and requires online activation, but it's where we are as far as I can see.
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Hi folks,
I'm looking for a convenient and easy way to read an epub book with NVDA. With epub being just html plus metadata and some additional content wrapped in a zip container, I feel this shouldn't be complicated. Any helpful pointers would make my day.
I know about Calibre and converting books to docx/pdf/txt. That's not what I mean. I'd like to be able to open an epub and start reading without jumping through hoops.
Thanks in advance,

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