NVDA does not support line breaks in PDF files

Perry Simm

When reading a PDF with NVDA in Adobe Reader, I find that NVDA does not honor line breaks. To illustrate, let's say part of the PDF looks like this:
Line one
Line two
Line three
When reading this PDF with NVDA, I would get:
Line one Line two Line three
Such is the basic nature of the problem I am facing. Now for some auxiliary observations:
1. When exporting the PDF as a text file, the text file ends up having correct line breaks.
2. When reading the PDF with JAWS, line breaks are correctly presented.
3. The problem occurs on three machines, two of them running Windows 10, the third running Windows 7, with both NVDA 2019.1 and current beta of 2019.2.
4. The problem persists after uninstalling and then reinstalling Adobe Reader.
5. The problem persists after repairing the Adobe Reader installation.
Since Adobe Reader itself exports the line breaks correctly, and since JAWS is also seeing them as expected, the problem is clearly with NVDA.
Cheers Perry

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