Nonstandard writing systems

Damien Garwood <damien@...>

Hi there,
When I am reading articles on the web, more often than not on Wikipedia, I come across two common problems.
1. When looking at articles to do with language, it likes to use IPA symbols. All NVDA gives me is the odd letter, as well as slash symbols and so on. Is this just what NVDA is seeing, or do I need something specialised to read the phonetic pronunciations?
2. Similarly, with mathematical articles, I get spaces that do nothing. I was told that MathPlayer solved this, but even with MathPlayer on its least verbose and lowest level reading setting, I still can't read a formula character by character. Also the way it announces things can be slightly over-technical or different to how I've heard it said in normal conversation.
Any advice on conquering these issues would be greatly appreciated.

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