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Larry Wang

you can use a software called socksCap to force NVDA to use certain proxy
Here is its download page

On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 1:06 PM Lanie Molinar <laniemolinar91@...> wrote:

Hi. I've had an issue with NVDA for a while where checking for updates or using Add-on Updater to check for add-on updates doesn't work. I take paid surveys and use other ways of earning passive income, so I have an app on my computer that monitors internet traffic. Keeping it installed on my laptop and Android phone earns me money. On my phone, it uses a VPN, but it uses a proxy on my laptop. Certain NVDA or add-on functions that use the internet don't work with the proxy for some reason, and if I turn it off in Windows 10's proxy settings, the app just turns it back on. The app has no settings of its own. Some Windows 10 apps don't work with it either, but this isn't as big a deal. I've actually had to temporarily uninstall the app and restart my computer if I want to check for NVDA or add-on updates, or check for them manually. Is there any way I can get NVDA to work with the proxy server the app uses? It would be wonderful if this is possible. Thanks.

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