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To toggle NVDA’s sleep mode on and off, the keystroke is NVDA+shift+s: this is better than the speech mode toggle as it only has On and Off to toggle through. I don’t know of any way to make NVDA go automatically into sleep mode in certain places, but at least you only need one keystroke to make NVDA sleep and to bring back NVDA when you need it again.

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It would make no sense to have a forms mode by default option for browsing.  For one thing, the screen-reader would still speak in forms mode.  If you want the screen-reader not to interfere with your browsing, put it to sleep when you run the browser.  It is completely inactive then.  Do you know the sleep command?  I've used it so seldom that I'm not sure I remember it now but I'm sure others know it. 



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I can still use my eyes, although they are very week. I don't like the fact screenreaders still speak, but turning speech on and off frequently is cumbersome. It would be nice if there was an option to turn off the kind of speech I call "automatic feedback". I don't need focus reporting, automatic active window reporting, and other such things, but I'd like to have instant spoken feedback when I invoke screenreader command involving NVDA key. It would be also nice if there was a way to set form mode as a default for web browsing.


The suggestions above are meant to enable a "toolbox mode" for NVDA, where it silently sits in background, not interfering in common computer use, but ready to speak whenever it's asked to. It would really enhance my user experience when working in Windows.


Tomas Valusek

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