Re: Tabs on web Pages

Tony Malykh

Not quite answering your question, but related to the question of tabs navigation:

My add-on BrowserNav adds browse mode shortcuts Y and Shift+Y to jump to next/previous tab on web pages.

Then of course you can press Enter to select that tab.

You can download it on the official NVDA add-ons website:



On 7/8/2019 4:04 PM, Andy wrote:

I am noticing that more and more web pages are using tabs to organize their content.  For example, a restaurant web site may use separate tabs on a web page displaying their menu for breakfast, lunch items, etc.  When I hit ENTER or the spacebar on these tabs I hear nothing unless I leave the tab.  I can't read items within the tab, or move among items within the tab.  What keystrokes to I need to use to work with these tabsf?

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