Re: NVDA as a toolbox?


I'm not sure just what kind of command you have in mind nor just what speech you want available and not.  There are many screen-review commands that don't use the NVDA key such as read current line.  Rather that stipulate a single key as determining when feedback is given, it might be far more useful to explain just how and in what kinds of specific cases you want feed back.  
I don't know if implementing your suggestions is practical but you might get better comments with more explanation. 
Also, you don't talk about if or when you use a magnifier.  Perhaps for some or most of your uses, a good magnifier program might meet your needs better than a screen-reader. 
Asking for suggestions and recommendations might yield better help with your needs.   

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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA as a toolbox?

Yeah - and do it 50 times a day and you will be very amused.

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