new keyboard issue

Darren Harris

Hi all,


Ok so a friend of mine bought me a new keyboard and mouse for my birthday. It’s a wireless one. It’s Logitech but I can’t remember the exact make of it.


I’m having a weird issue that I can’t seem to get round. When I try using nvda, left shift ctrl and down arrow to lower something in the synth circle it won’t let me do it. However if I do the nvda right shift left ctrl and down it will let me use that command.

I have narrowed this down by using the input help nvda f1. The command using the left shift doesn’t work but with the right shift it does. I have also checked the keyboard setting in input jestures and both the laptop and desktop commands work.

It’s 1 of these keyboards whereby you can customise certain keys. I’m not sure how it’s done though.

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