Re: Making NVDA reconsider focus

Perry Simm

Hi Luke!
On Wednesday, July 10, 2019 3:35 AM, Luke Davis <> wrote:

Perry, can you provide some examples of circumstances where you are having to
alt-tab out and in of something to re-acquire focus?
Sure! The prime example is when I launch a program, such as a browser. A few seconds later, I know I'm in the address bar, and a sighted person can confirm this to me, but there's no speech indicating this. Focus is really in the address bar, and I can type into it. It's just that NVDA hasn't tracked it. Alt+tabbing out then back in resolves it for the moment.

As an aside, glad to see another Proton Mail user!
I'm loving it! As a visitor to many worlds, I prefer to be intractable and untrackable.
Cheers Perry

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