Re: Problem about NVDA control and arrow keys

Rui Fontes

Sorry! In none of the chemes Alt is envolved!

For Desktop keyboard scheme, NVDA+Control+arrows!
For Laptop keyboard scheme, NVDA+Control+Shift+arrows!

Rui Fontes

Às 15:24 de 11/07/2019, Chris Mullins escreveu:

On my Desktop keyboard layout based NVDA config, it's as Giles says NVDA+Ctrl+Arrows, the alt key is not involved.
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Sorry, but both are right...
NVDA+Control+Alt+arrows belongs to Desktop keyboard scheme.
NVDA+Control+Shift+Alt+arrows belong to Laptop keyboard scheme...
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Às 14:38 de 11/07/2019, Giles Turnbull escreveu:
Hi Surendra and Marcio,

the keystroke to cycle through the options doesn't include the shift
key. On my system (Win10, NVDA 2019.1.1) I press NVDA+CTRL plus the left
or right arrows, and then NVDA+CTRL plus the up or down arrows depending
on whether I want to increase or decrease the values :)


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