Re: NVDA as a toolbox?

Andre Fisher

While I understand what you are saying and asking, I can only say that
I highly doubt that this type of behaviour will ever be taken up by
any developer at this time. This is quite subjective, and boarders on
making the screen reader unusable. If you don't use NVDA for the basic
purpose it was used for, you can either try turning off speech
(NVDA+s) and turning it back on when you encounter text you want to
read. NVDA+B can be your friend for this. Sleep mode (NVDA+Shift+S or
Z) can also be your friend, but it is app specific. Additionally, in
the Browse mode settings dialog, uncheck all the automatic settings to
your liking. Uncheck all the document formatting settings if you want
as well. Download the No Beeps speech mode add-on as well, but what
you are looking for is too subjective.

On 7/12/16, <> wrote:

One reason why no screenreader is running on my computer is it gets in my
way when I'm using it. I use my machine visually, but I'd just like from
time to time have the longer contents of a dialog box read aloud, ask which
window is currently active if I get a beep instead of expected action to be
done after switching from on desktop to another, and other powerful tricks a
screenreader can do. When I tried to have NVDA launched in background, I got
unexpected behavior when I switched to a browser window, since the browsing
mode took away single letter commands I'm using to navigate feedly, Google+
and other such sites. That's why I want an option to have a from mode as a
default when coming to a browser window. Remember, I use my eyes, not my
ears to routinely navigate apps, but I'd like to make my life more
comfortable by employing some screenreader features.

What seems to be an easiest way to achieve what I want? To create an
AutoHotkey or AutoIt script which would catch NVDA-specific combos and
switch speech and form mode as needed. But I'd still appreciate appropriate
options in NVDA.

Tomas Valusek

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