locked Re: Lags With Notepad++


notepad++ version 7.7 x86 on windows xp, works perfectly with my
favorite version of nvda, (nvda 2017.2).
i am not sure about x64 of notepad++ or newer versions of nvda.

On 7/12/19, Bob Cole <rkcole72984@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi, everyone.

I installed the latest version of Notepad++ (v7.7.1) today on my Windows 10
laptop. When I open the program, NVDA seems to read the contents of the
screen for a brief period of time, then starts to lag, then goes completely

In fact, NVDA seems to not work properly following the installation of the
program. When I uninstall Notepad++ completely, everything goes back to

Has anyone else experienced this? How can I figure out what is causing the

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