Re: Is NVDA really unable to handle LinkedIn and sprintip?


I use linkedIn all the time w/NVDA w/o difficulty. It's not the most
accessible thing in the world, but it's very usable. There is no theme
button in linkedin.

On 7/11/19, zahra <> wrote:
me too.
i really hate linkedin.
one day i subscribed and recieved heavy load, heavy and unresponsive
scripts and overheating and unresponsiveness of my browser, keyboard
or nvda.
simmply i could not use my computer anymore!
i really hate social networks which require powerful system and waiste
system resources!

On 7/12/19, JM Casey <> wrote:
Not a helpful response, I know, but I hate LinkedIn so much; doesn’t
what screenreader is used, it’s just a pain; I know a lot of sighted
feel this way, too.

From: <> On Behalf Of Brian Vogel
Sent: July 11, 2019 3:32 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Is NVDA really unable to handle LinkedIn and

You have asked about two sites that both require login before one can get
the spots you're asking about. Although I'd presume someone here has
with LinkedIn, the same is not necessarily true of

You can make no presumptions about what NVDA can or can't do that JAWS
or might not be able to do based upon a lack of response. All you know
that no one here can answer your question, at least at this point in


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