Re: Is the windows10 version of itunes accessible with NVDA?


  Hi There:  I have a friend who uses iTunes with windows ten. She says it’s not very nice.  I think she uses jaws.   It’s doable but I don’t know how she works it.  I’ll ask her when she calls.  It worked ok with 7 but I think when my computer was on its last legs I thought it was both iTunes and the computer dying.  I just got this win ten just before March 2019.  I got this system while trying to complete my food safe class.  I remember asking this list if I can get a usb sound card.  I could not wait for one because I had to order it.  Plus I had 4 usb ports burned out on my old 7 box.  I was using iTunes. 


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From: brandon
Sent: July 12, 2019 9:20 PM
Subject: [nvda] Is the windows10 version of itunes accessible with NVDA?


Hi all,



I have been trying to get the most current version of Itunes to work

well on my computer. It seems that they don't want to play nice right

now NVDA and itunes both are very sluggish and both processor intensive.


I was wondering since there is a itunes for windows 10 if that would

work well with nvda rather then the current non-windows 10 verson.


Thanks for your assistance.








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