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Ron Canazzi

Hi Harreth,

I agree with you on the ribbons, unfortunately, they're not going away any time soon.  A good source for a ribbon tutorial is Ann Parson's audio (mp3 format) tutorials.  I am not sure if those are free or not, but I believe she posted them on the Blinds Tech list a few months ago.  Maybe she would appreciate a donation?

On 7/13/2019 8:44 AM, Hareth wrote:
Despite the wishfully simplified some like to picture ribbons,
And Even if we mastered the use of them, They are at least disliked,
If not out-right hate to use them, that's for the most of us.
And that's the way with a lot of sighted people as well.
Plus some forgot that the ease of usage is a major factor of accessibility
Ribbons are not, and never will be, as easy to use and memorize as the
classic menus, Plane and simple.


On 7/13/19, Ron Canazzi <aa2vm@...> wrote:
Well, this rant--long as usual--and very legalistic sounding--sounds
like some of the arguments we are getting out of Washington these days.
My lack of advancement is justified but yours isn't!

Apparently you forget the go round we had over ribbons where I pointed
out how an aspect of Excel that was very easy to do using the old menus
lasted for about 3 days with over 20 exchanges.  Long story short, you
finally had to admit that it was an accessibility issue in Excel that
wasn't existing in the old menus system.  I could have further
deconstructed your arguments back then a couple of years ago, but I gave
up after 3 days.

You come on at times like a defense lawyer arguing a case in court
rather than an adviser of people who are on a list--some of them newbies
who are afraid (as I was once) to try new things.

On 7/13/2019 5:56 AM, Gene wrote:
Show me in the archives where I viciously attack anyone.  I do not.
but I strongly object to people who make unqualified statements such
as ribbons are terrible, ribbons are very hard to use, etc.  That's
because I know, from experience, that ribbons only require an
understanding of how they are laid out but that, in essence, they are
similar to menus except that you tab through a ribbon instead of down
arrowing or you shift tab instead of up arrowing.  There are other
things to learn but that is the essence of ribbons compared to menus.
My strong response, and I don't attack people personally, I strongly
disagree with what and how they say what they say about ribbons, is
because I strongly object to people being discouraged from learning by
wildly overgeneralized statements about a completely accessible
interface that a lot of people are afraid of because they haven't
received proper instruction and because they have heard so many
negative comments about from others who haven't received proper
instruction.  And once they successfully use ribbons, they may become
more confident computer users, more willing to try new things, because
they see how the only thing they had to fear in this case was fear
itself, as was famously said.
If I were talking with someone off list, I wouldn't write in the same
strong way about criticism of ribbons because the comments of the
person wouldn't be on a list and wouldn't possibly be discouraging
many people from learning.  If you can find instances where I have
viciously attacked people, I'll apologize. And because I have strong
feelings about this, I created a tutorial teaching use of ribbons
which I have shared here more than once when the topic has come up,.
What does Windows 10- have to do with any of this?  I don't make up
widespread stories about full upgrades that have caused serious
problems for some users, to the extent that Microsoft stopped
releasing an update perhaps about a year ago, for a month or more of
further corrections and testing.  And there have been two such bad
upgrades in the last eighteen months.  I don't think the last one was
nearly as bad but Microsoft has a lot of confidence to regain among
users.  While the number of people asking about problems after a
Windows 10 upgrade is not large, even so, there are enough to indicate
that problems occur more often than in earlier versions of Windows,
where service packs were released far more infrequently and people
didn't have to spend perhaps forty-five minutes, perhaps an hour,
upgrading Windows twice a year.
What does any of this have to do with strongly responding to someone
who once, or repeatedly states how terrible ribbons are, as though it
is a matter of fact?
And I am not critical of people who upgrade to Windows 10.  I simply
think that, with what I have discussed, the rush to upgrade instead of
waiting to near the end of support is questionable for people who
don't want to use specific new features or apps in Windows 10 and who
want as reliable and stable an operating system as possible.  If
people are curious or experimenters or want new features, fine.  If
someone is buying a new computer, that will come with Windows 10. I am
not personally criticial on a personal level.  But I think that users
should seriously consider the advisability of upgrading a system they
currently own far in advance of support ending for Windows 7.  and it
also depends on how satisfied they are with Windows 8 as well, where
support will continue longer.  It is my impression that Windows 10 is
harder for screen-reader developers to stay on top of, thus taking
resources that would have been used for other things before Windows 10
and diverting them into keeping things as accessible as possible, thus
possibly slowing work on other projects that would benefit blind
computer users.
I have never objected to the Windows 10 interface nor objected to
people upgrading on those grounds.  I haven't used Windows 10.  As far
as I can tell, not having direct experience of using it, the interface
itself is similar to Windows 7.  As far as I can tell, working with
apps, not applications, is somewhat different but the actual interface
of Windows is similar and if applications, not apps are used, my
impression is that there isn't much learning to do.
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Hi Gene,

It's kind of funny how you at times viciously attack people who are
uncomfortable with use of the ribbon, but are so ambivalent--some
say---critical of those who wish to upgrade to Windows 10.

Unlike many people, I do not have any of the major issues when using
Windows 10.  I know there were issues with 1803, but I never
experienced them.

Getting used to the interface of Windows 10 is much easier than the
Windows 8 original version which had only the use of the grid instead
of the somewhat standard search/start menu system.

Use of the ribbons is much more of an issue--particularly if you use a
lot of Word/Excel/Access features.  Yet, I muddle through and am able
to get by--however so clumsily.

By comparison, the interface of Windows 10 for normal operation is a
cake walk when compared to going into what would be in the old
pre-ribbon days sub menus of sub menus.

These are facts--experienced not only by blind people but also by
sighted people as well.  This is so much so that there are ribbon
disabler programs coming up the ying yan which are obviously not
intended solely for the  blind.

On 7/12/2019 2:10 PM, Gene wrote:
This message discusses why you will have to upgrade at some point and
why I object to Windows 10 strongly.  It also discusses how my
objection is related to screen-reader development.  In my opinion,
Windows 10 makes screen-reader developers waste a significant amount
of time and resources constantly changing as Microsoft makes changes
that affect accessibility.
At some point, you will have little choice.  Increasingly fewer
programs will be supported in XP.  Your old browsers will work with
fewer and fewer sites.  If you need something new like a printer, no
new printers or scanners will have XP compatible drivers.  When XP
will become so unusable that you will be forced to make a change, I
don't know.
My main objection to Windows 10 is that there are two full upgrades
per year.  Microsoft has demonstrated that it can't properly test two
major upgrades and it is a major inconvenience to upgrade, even if
there ar no problems. Before Windows 10, there were service packs
spread out, perhaps one every two or three years, and in the case of
Windows 7, there was only one.  I very much object to Microsoft
imposing this level of inconvenience and potential problems on
users.  And, from the standpoint of NVDA, developers have to
constantly make changes to accommodate the constant and unending
changes in Windows 10 that affect accessibility.  Lee releases one
release after another of the Windows Essential app, for example.
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Hi Zara,

I also d not like change.  I held onto my XP system for years after it
expired.  But when I eventually got up enough nerve to upgrade, I did it
big time and I have no issues.  If your issues are financial, that's
another item entirely.  But if it is simply a fear of the unknown, rest
assured that Windows 10 is no big deal.  I bet you would get used to it
in a few days at worst.

On 7/12/2019 12:21 PM, zahra wrote:
i never use ten, even if someone gives me milions of dollars!

On 7/12/19, Arlene <nedster66@...
<mailto:nedster66@...>> wrote:
Hey I know you like xp. Yes it works for you. If you keep on using
it you
are asking for trouble. I had to leave win 7 for that reason! Now
I;m on ten
I don’t like change any better then some blind folk. But like it
or not I
had to change. Both my xp and 7 computers died.so I had no choice.

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From: zahra
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xp is the best operating system for me forever and i dont like newer
versions of windows, i hate windows ten and cant use another

On 7/12/19, Perry Simm via Groups.Io
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On Friday, July 12, 2019 4:49 AM, zahra <nasrinkhaksar3@...
<mailto:nasrinkhaksar3@...>> wrote:
notepad++ version 7.7 x86 on windows xp, works perfectly with my
favorite version of nvda, (nvda 2017.2).
Goodness! Please be aware that when you run XP and use the
internet in
way, not only are you asking for trouble but actively begging for
Whatever reasons you may be having, they are most likely invalid.
Cheers Perry

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They Ask Me If I'm Happy; I say Yes.
They ask: "How Happy are You?"
I Say: "I'm as happy as a stow away chimpanzee on a banana boat!"

They Ask Me If I'm Happy; I say Yes.
They ask: "How Happy are You?"
I Say: "I'm as happy as a stow away chimpanzee on a banana boat!"
They Ask Me If I'm Happy; I say Yes.
They ask: "How Happy are You?"
I Say: "I'm as happy as a stow away chimpanzee on a banana boat!"

They Ask Me If I'm Happy; I say Yes.
They ask: "How Happy are You?"
I Say: "I'm as happy as a stow away chimpanzee on a banana boat!"

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