Re: Is the windows10 version of itunes accessible with NVDA?

Don H

I think I heard in the news that ITunes is going away soon.

On 7/13/2019 8:30 AM, Giles Turnbull wrote:
Hi Brandon,
I use the latest version of iTunes on a Win10 PC. iTunes is sometimes tricky to navigate but it is just a question of getting used to it. In the help menu (annoyingly the names of the menus aren't spoken for me, but by arrowing down the menu you can hear what the options are) and there is keyboard shortcuts information in the help menu, which is the furthest right menu as with most pieces of software .
I ran into trouble the other day when 3 tracks from an album I had bought would not play in WinAmp nor in iTunes ... it kept prompting me to login to iTunes but, after logging in and trying to play the track, it again took me to the login / "authorise this computer" page.
I Googled the email contact for iTunes and contacted them with the problem. I had a very good and quick response from a person on the support team. The problem didn't get sorted so he suggested I phoned and asked to speak to the technical support team, which I did. My call to them lasted for about an hour and, as we weren't getting a totally satisfactory solution (the track would play on my iPhone but not on my Windows PC in iTunes or WinAmp) I mentioned that I was blind and using NVDA ... and he put me through to a disabilities team and that team helped me re-download the tracks I'd purchased and that did fix the problematic playback issue!
The one thing I was impressed with was that I never felt I was being pushed from one team to the next ... each one tried their best to help me and, if I'd known there was a team that deals with disabled people and is aware of NVDA and JAWS, then I would probably got a quicker answer.
Often when a new version of iTunes is made available I don't tend to install it right away, just to give chance for any issues to be reported to iTunes and for them to fix them! :)

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