Re: Editing a Cell in Microsoft Excel

Sarah k Alawami

Isn't there a setting in nvda that talks about excel and editing cells? I can't remember but a search of the archive should be able to help you a bit. If not the setting might be in NVDa. I don't use excel, nor do I ever hope to, at least not right now.

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On 13 Jul 2019, at 5:36, "Marvin Atkins" wrote:


One thing I always check when F2 doesn't work is to make sure the excel screen is maximized.

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Subject: [nvda] Editing a Cell in Microsoft Excel


I’m not an expert Excel user, but I am not a novice either. I’ve been using Excel 2013 until about three weeks ago.
To edit a cell, I have always just pressed F-2. Since moving to Excel 2016 (from Office 365), this function no longer provides feedback.
In other words, after pressing F-2, NVDA is silent when using the arrow keys to locate the precise location at which to edit. One of my colleagues noted that the cursor is indeed in the edit box and that it does in fact move when the arrow keys move, but none of the text reading commands work in the edit box. My colleague, a sighted patent lawyer, was glad to hear about the F-2 function; it is much faster than the sighted world’s default way of editing cells (by using the mouse to click into the edit box after highlighting the desired cell.
So, Excel is doing what it is supposed to do with F-2. NVDA is not.
By the way JAWS has exactly the same problem. Both screen readers used to work just fine in the Excel 2013 world.
Neither works in the Excel 2016 world.
Of course, none of our IT folks has a clew. In fact, none of them had ever heard of using F-2.
By the way, I’m using a brand new Lenovo Yoga laptop and no, this isn’t related to the default function key assignments Lenovo assigns. I’m using a USB keyboard (in fact, two different USB keyboards).
Suggestions would be appreciated.

I just double-checked Quinten’s tutorial on using Excel, and he too advocates using
F-2. I’m stumped.

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