Re: Problem about NVDA control and arrow keys


1. Change the order in which you press the modifiers. That has a slim chance of working.
Tested, not working :(

2. Use a different modifier key.
* If control is required, and the control key you normally use doesn't work, try the other one. Same with shift and alt.
Ok it definitely worked (after a good few acrobatic sessions).
Well, of course I won't be using it because sooner or later who knows in what it could result to my arms :) but this was a good (and fun) experiment.

3. If you can't modify your choice of modifiers to solve the problem, either because it's too uncomfortable or because it just doesn't work, you are left with remapping the command (and probably its related command, such as the one to go in the other direction) in gesture configuration, to a set of commands that actually work.
Honestly I'mnot feeling like doing it. Fortunately, it seems like it's only happening with this combo so oh well, I can live without it after all.

Thanks for your answer. It's indeed much appreciated! Now I know that if I ever need to do it, and if I really need, I have at least one way to achieve it :)

Marcio AKA Starboy

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