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To double-check the version, I first checked the “Wat’s new” area under “Help” in the NVDA menu.  It displayed a date of January 1, 2019 and specified Version 19.1
I then executed the “Check for Updates” option, again from the NVDA menu.  I was informed that no updates were available.
Nevertheless, the suggested fix worked perfectly.  I haven’t tried it with JAWS, but I’ll bet the problem is fixed there too.
Very strange.

On Jul 14, 2019, at 11:39 PM, Quentin Christensen <quentin@...> wrote:

Which version of NVDA are you using?  There was an issue in Office 365 and 2016 (possibly not Office 2013, I can't recall) where in-cell editing wasn't read.  This was a bug in Office but we did implement a workaround in NVDA 2019.1.

If using an older version of NVDA, then yes, the earlier suggestion of going into Excel's options and disabled in-cell editing should work.  What that option does is mostly visual - it changes whether the caret appears in the cell itself to edit the contents, or in the formula bar.  From a useability point of view they should work the same.

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On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 12:28 AM Ed Marquette <marquette.ed@...> wrote:
Thank you.  I will know now to check the message archives.  The suggested solution, though the most counterintuitive I have ever experienced, worked like a charm.
Who would have thought that disabling the editing of cells would, in fact, enable the editing of cells with a screen reader.  As I noted in my first message, the problem affected JAWS and NVDA in exactly the same way .
I was fearing that the problem stemmed from our overly-paranoid security conscious IT department. We have so many things locked down that just working is sometimes hard.
Again, however, thank you.  I am sending this message, not just to say thank you (those tend to clutter list serves, but to let others know that the prescribed fix, which actually seems silly and counterintuitive, really works.
I am surprised it is not more widely published.

On Jul 13, 2019, at 4:14 PM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

nvda not reading letters in excel cell when using f2 to edit the cell contents

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