Re: Making NVDA reconsider focus

Perry Simm

Hi Quentin!

On Monday, July 15, 2019 5:27 AM, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:

Is it one browser particularly or all browsers which do this?  Certainly it's not desired behaviour, but I can't replicate it myself just now.
It isn't even restricted to browsers. Sometimes it is Outlook, sometimes Visual Studio, sometimes Word.

Two things I can think to try though:
- Are you using any add-ons which might steal focus or interrupt what is happening when you start your Browser?  Dropbox (from memory) did this at one point in Word, and I've heard of several anti-virus programs which do similar things.
No. In fact, focus is not stolen. Focus is where it should be at all times, only NVDA does not always track it.

- Otherwise, you could try running the COM registration fixing tool from NVDA's Tools menu.  This is designed to ensure that all needed DLL files are registered correctly.  Generally programs do this when they are installed, however sometimes installing or uninstalling programs can inadvertently deregister DLLs.
If some DLL were not correctly registered, these problems would occur every time I followed a certain script, not just intermittently.

It is a long-standing bug in NVDA, reported by some, reproduced by others, rehashed, reviewed, reconsidered, but, for months and months, never resolved. And now I should refrain from using so many rephrasings beginning with re but return to my regular revenue with relentless resolve.
Regards Perry

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