Re: Using both NVDA and JAWS

JM Casey


Certainly both pieces of software can be used on the same machine. How you
would go about running one rather than another is completely up to you.
Want to use a hotkey to start JAWS like you do with nVDA?
It seems that's what most people do. I believe the setup wizard for JAWS
even offers to do this for you within the programme. A lot of people use
alt-control-j. But how you start JAWS is your call. I personally don't
bother with a hotkey anymore and just type "jaws2018" into the run dialogue
box. The reason I stopped bothering was probably that every time you
re-install JAWS, your previous hotkey (really just a desktop shortcut) is
removed. This is no longer the case starting with a recent JAWS version, I
think, but, old habits die hard.

To exit JAWS, you can either do this from within the JAWS window using the
menus or, my preferred way, pressing JAWS key (insert in my case) + f4.

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If I install JAWS in addition to NVDA how do I switch from one to another?
I know that I can exit NVDA with nvdq+q. How would I switch back? How would
I quit JAWS and then switch back?


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