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Jonathan COHN

I was thinking that even just a insert-F1 listing of what is the NVDA current focus and what screen shows focus as might be helpful.





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Re my comment about other programs "stealing focus", I phrased that badly - while that's the way it appears to NVDA, you are right, in many cases, you can press all the usual keystrokes and the correct things happen in the program as they normally would, but NVDA does not report them because it has been trapped by some invisible overlay the other program has put on the screen.  In some cases, moving the focus away and back does fix that issue.


Similarly with the DLL registration issue, it might not cause an issue for a sighted user, but it affects how NVDA collects its information.  If it isn't happening consistently then as you say, it may not be that.


The best I can suggest, is if you could set NVDA's log level to debug, try to recreate the issue, and send us a copy of the log from it.


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On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 7:13 AM Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:

On Thu, 11 Jul 2019, Perry Simm via Groups.Io wrote:

> Sure! The prime example is when I launch a program, such as a browser. A few seconds later, I know I'm in the address bar, and a sighted person can confirm this to me, but there's no speech indicating this. Focus is really in the address bar, and I can type into it. It's just that NVDA hasn't tracked it. Alt+tabbing out then back in resolves it for the moment.

I would not call that a loss of focus, but a never gaining of focus.

And as you say, it's an old problem which has existed for many years, across
many windows versions, NVDA versions, etc.  Although I most commonly experience
it when launching Firefox from the desktop for the first time after a restart.

I understood your initial problem differently--I do not have the message now
before me, but some how I had gotten the impression that you had programs where
the focus was correctly associated with a field, and then for some reason got
lost, thus requiring a double alt-tab to re-acquire.




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