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It isn't guesswork if you prepare.  It is much more convenient to assign a shortcut key but I explained how to run JAWS without one because one isn't automatically assigned.  When NVDA is running, you go to the desktop, press home, and type j until you get to the JAWS icon.  You count the number of times.  Then you know how many times to press J when no screen-readers are running.  Knowing how to do things without speech and having confidence that you can is a skill that is useful at times.  It can help you troubleshoot on occasion.  I'll provide an example or two if people are interested.
and there may be times you don't want control j as the JAWS shortcut.  You may not want one at all.  I almost never use JAWS but I want to demo available in case it is useful to run it.  Now and then, I would accidentally execute the JAWS control alt j shortcut.  Maybe I would be executing control alt h and my finger would accidently press j at the same time.  I didn't want the inconvenience of having JAWS start now and then accidently.  I didn't want to use another shortcut key because I use a lot of them.  So I have no shortcut key assigned to JAWS.  If I want to run it, I unload NVDA, go to the desktop, press home, type j once, and press enter.  On my system one press of j takes me to the JAWS icon.

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The assigning of the hotkey is not automatic,. And I had thought the startup wizard allowed an opportunity to set one, but I just checked, and it doesn’t, so you would have to do it the traditional way.


Just my opinion of course, but hitting j several times until you (hopefully) get to the right programme seems a bit tenuous and too much like guesswork, to me. Much easier to just invoke the run box and type in the name of the jaws version you have installed and want to run. By now I’m probably going to start attaining the nickname Mr. Run-box around here. *grins*



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Unless this has changed, control alt j is not automatically assigned as a shortcut by JAWS.  I haven't used JAWS for many years but in the past, users would set that short cut command using the shortcut JAWS would put on the desktop. 


Unless you know the shortcut is there, with NVDA running, go to the desktop, press home then type j until you get to JAWS.  Remember how many times you pressed j so you can start JAWS without control alt j.  After you press j the needed number of times, press enter.


If you use Windows key m to go to the desktop, to be sure you are on it when no screen-reader is running, press it three times. 


I believe Windows key d takes you to the desktop reliably the first time you execute the command but on some keyboards, it is a very inconvenient command to use and Windows key m three times is far more convenient.



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i have jaws and Nvda on my laptop. probably the best option is to turn off one screen reader and start the other. press Nvda plus q to exit Nvda. press control alt j to start jaws. depending on your keyboard layout press caps lock or insert plus f4 to exit jaws.
hope this helps 😊

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