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Sylvie Duchateau


As other on the list previously said, you can use twitter's web site with NVDA rather well.

Twitter has implemented their own shortcuts, similar to nvda browsing keys. So, if you want to use twitter's hotkeys, press nvda+shift+space bar to disable single key navigation of NVDA.

Press n to write a new tweet.

l to like a tweet

r to reply to a tweet ...

To access the complete short cut list, do the following:

  • Use the tab key or type b to reach the item "profile and settings" announced as a button with sub-menu by NVDA. I think you need to type b threee times to reach this sub menu.
  • Enable forms mode by pressing nvda+space bar.
  • Type enter to open the submenu.
  • Use the down arrow key to go through the menu items. On my account, NVDA announces there are 13 items or so, go to the 10th called "keyboard shortcuts".
  • Press enter. This will open a dialogue. You will be on the close button that allows you to leave this dialogue. You can also close it by pressing the escape key. It make take some time before it closes.
  • The shortcuts are displayed in a table.

Twitter is coded to send you alert messages when a tweet arrives, and tells you what to press if you want to read it.

Do not hesitate if you have further questions.




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Le 15/07/2019 à 22:06, Governor staten a écrit :

Yes it is. I imagine you are speaking of the website. They have keyboard shortcuts for everything imaginable.

On 7/15/2019 4:00 PM, Don H wrote:
Is twitter accessible using the latest version of NVDA on a Win 10 system?

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